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In 1959 scientists started investigating the reasons for the longevity (120-130 years) of the in habitants Okinawa near Chosaki Mountain , in Japan . These in habitants were lacking health .problems and seemed to have prolonged lives. Analysis proved lifestyle had no effect on the above mentioned phenomenon. But testing of the water in this area proved lucrative. The reason; unique physical characteristics were found. These results lead a group of REFWA researchers in 1964 to begin utilizing this phenomenon in various applications and fields.

Established in 1985, based on the scientific results and product conception, REFWA is acting as a global marketing arm for its mother company, REFWA which is a joint venture between USA , Japan and Korea . REFWA is currently an established manufacturer and distributor in USA , Japan , Korea , Malaysia , Egypt.

Dr. Ahmed Faisal Hassan |

Dr. Faisal is an accomplished executive with a proven 26 plus years of successful entrepreneurship and consulting in both the governmental and private sectors. In addition to being the founder and CEO of numerous companies during his career, he has served as senior advisor to several Egyptian governors and other high ranking government officials. He is particularly skilled at facilitating the turnaround of poor performing businesses (units), engaging senior leaders in renewed strategic visions and business plans for their companies. He holds an undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering from Cairo University and a doctorate (Ph.D) from Canbourne College in the UK.