The first health Benefits of Arabic Gum is for promotes good digestion. Arabic gum contains high amount of soluble fiber which can help digestion tract function and ease the bowel movement. A study also reported that the fiber in Arabic gum can increase intestinal absorption.

Constipation is a condition which cause by unhealthy bowel movement. As mentioned before that Arabic gum promotes good digestion, it may also help to alleviate constipation by improving bowel movement.

Fiber contained in Arabic gum is considered as pro biotic. It is a substance which can promotes the growth of good bacteria or normal flora inside the gut. The good bacteria or normal flora will later fight and suppress the growth of pathogen bacteria. This may help immune system to work better.

Fiber in Arabic gum is effective in lowering cholesterol level. The soluble fiber will attach and bind the cholesterol so it won’t be absorbed by intestine. Later the cholesterol will be brought out of the body through excretion system.

Fiber is popular in weight loss management. It can make you feel full for longer time and prevent you to eat more by adding bulk to your stomach. Fiber also blocking fat absorption and it is good news that Arabic gum provides this benefit.

Study reported that Arabic gum contains antioxidant which can help to fight free radicals. Those free radicals is the main cause of oxidative stress which lead to damage of cells and organ even further can cause cancer.